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Overcoming Medication Adherence Challenges

Friday,February 20, 2015

Diabetes educator Debbie Berg discusses some strategies to make it easier to keep up with your regular regimen of medicine.

A New Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy

Friday,March 11, 2015

The FDA recently approved Lucentis for use of diabetic retinopathy. Pharmacist and certified diabetes educator Sam Grossman talks about the clinical trial results for the new drug and considerations of how people with the complication may want to consider talking to their provider about it.

A New Long-Acting Insulin Option

Friday,April 17, 2015

Sanofi's recently approved insulin, Toujeo, is 300u/ml and offers clinicians and people with diabetes who have glycemic control issues another long-acting insulin. Sam Grossman discusses some of the studies' findings.

New Heart Concerns for Existing Class of Type 2 Medications

Friday,April 27, 2015

An FDA Panel recommends new safety information on DPP-4 inhibitors Onglyza and Nesina. Sam Grossman reviews this news and how it may affect marketing and prescribing of the medications.

Can Two Everyday Activities Really Help People with Diabetes?

Friday,October 1, 2015

How making an effort to improve upon sleeping and include walking as a regular activity can keep you healthier.

Finding a Type 1 Management Bridge Until a Cure is Found

Friday,October 2, 2015

While cure research is ongoing and is still years away from realization, the evolution of CGM technology is helping make the artificial pancreas closer to reality which will make disease management simpler and achieve better outcomes.