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Can Two Everyday Activities Really Help People with Diabetes?

Thursday,October 1, 2015

How making an effort to improve upon sleeping and include walking as a regular activity can keep you healthier.

Finding a Type 1 Management Bridge Until a Cure is Found

Thursday,October 2, 2015

While cure research is ongoing and is still years away from realization, the evolution of CGM technology is helping make the artificial pancreas closer to reality which will make disease management simpler and achieve better outcomes.

How Keeping One Hormone in Balance Can Aid Blood Sugars

Thursday,October 7, 2015

Cortisol, also known as the fight or flight hormone, does a lot more than people realize, and there are some diabetes-related aspects to it. Douglas Garner offers some information on why keeping cortisol in balance can help blood sugars.

Mindfulness as a Complementary Exercise for Diabetes Management

Thursday,October 8, 2015

Valerie Spain explain how mindfulness techniques can provide relief during moments of diabetes distress by providing an alternative reprieve to simply pause, reflect, and give yourself an opportunity to modify unhealthy behavior or thoughts.

Robard Corporation Acquires DiabetesCare.net

Thursday,October 15, 2015

Robard Corporation, a leading developer and provider of obesity treatment programs and products, announced today that it has acquired DiabetesCare.net.

Making the Case for Use of Glycemic Index in Diabetes Meal Planning

Thursday,August 22, 2014

Certified diabetes educator Amy Hess-Fischl discusses how low glycemic index foods can have a positive impact on glucose control.