Frequently Asked Questions

What should my HemoglobinA1c (HgA1c or A1C) level be?

Ideally, your A1c should measure below seven. If it measures above seven and closer to eight or above, you may

How should I take care of my eyes and feet?

As a diabetic, you risk eye and foot problems, so check both regularly. In particular, it is critical that you

How often should I check my blood glucose?

To be sure, ask your doctor how often you should check your blood glucose. If you are treating your diabetes

How is diabetes diagnosed?

Diabetes is diagnosed when a blood glucose test measures more than 126 mg/dl (fasting) or 200 mg/dl (two hours after

How does my blood pressure affect diabetes?

High blood pressure poses a risk for strokes. Since diabetics have a higher risk for strokes, you should check your

How do I prepare for sudden illnesses?

When you are sick, the body releases hormones that can raise blood glucose and make it harder to keep in

Does diabetes cause other complications?

If blood sugar is not kept in check, diabetes can lead to a number of serious complications, including heart attacks,

Do I have to take insulin?

People with type 1 diabetes must take insulin to sustain life. People with type 2 diabetes either produce inadequate insulin

Do I have to give up sugar?

No, you can find a way to use sugar sparingly in your diet. Sugar is a carbohydrate, and all carbohydrates

Can diabetes go away?

Currently no cure exists for diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a deficiency of the pancreas to produce insulin, so insulin