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Sizing up Cow’s Milk and Possible Alternatives

Thursday,October 30, 2014

For those who may want to look for an alternative to cow's milk here is some nutritional information as well as a recipe to make almond milk.

How to Choose the Right Eating Plan

Thursday,March 27, 2015

Certified diabetes educator Amy Hess-Fischl offers some guidance in determining how to incorporate a healthier diet.

Mental illness 101

Thursday,July 11, 2014

Columnist Anna Horton, MSW, CSW, not only provides a foundation of information about mental illness but reminds readers how knowledge about the topic can help remove the stigma, preventing both providers and loved ones from shying away from people suffering from it.

The Truth About Body Image and Type 2 Diabetes

Thursday,September 2, 2014

Body image is an important mental aspect that everyone should be aware of. If you have a negative self-image, there are ways you can improve that and feel better about yourself.

Let’s Talk About Your Body

Thursday,September 18, 2014

Psychotherapist Eliot LeBow, LCSW, CDE, discusses how self-defeating thinking perpetuates negative feelings around poor body image. In addition, he offers some coping strategies to overcome negativity.

The Words Around Diabetes

Thursday,September 24, 2014

How a family talks about diabetes can be instrumental in the way children and adults affected by diabetes are impacted and can help shape how they handle their management of the disease.