If you are having issues in the bedroom, it is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about, it is important that you discuss it with your healthcare provider.  We commonly hear about erectile dysfunction in men, but what about women? Do women experience sexual dysfunction also? The answer is yes, and it is very common.

A loss of sex drive can go beyond frustrating, and for someone with diabetes it can become a common issue. In people with diabetes; problems with libido, arousal, and orgasm are common in both men and women. Diabetes can result in a lack of interest, a higher rate of orgasm difficulty; climaxing too quickly, or not at all. (1) Women may experience decreased vaginal lubrication, lack of pleasurable sensations as well as painful sex. (3)


High or low blood sugar levels can cause you to be fatigued. High blood glucose causes a slow-down of essential nutrients through the blood supply. Low blood glucose can cause fatigue because there isn’t enough energy being transferred to your cells. The best way to combat fatigue is to eat regularly, exercise, take your medication and keep your blood glucose as close to normal as possible.


Diabetes and depression go together all too frequently. And when you are suffering from depression it’s common to disregard your sexual needs. Depression leads to a loss of interest, in things you used to find pleasurable, including sex. The best thing to do for depression is get help. Speak with your doctor about your symptoms and see what they recommend. (2) Certain medications that you may be taking could also affect your libido. Check with your doctor if you are having symptoms.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage or neuropathy is another contributor to a lack of sex in your life. Nerve damage can lead to erectile dysfunction in men, loss of feeling for both men and women, as well as making it harder to climax. Women’s sexual organs may be affected by uncontrolled diabetes in the same way men’s are. (3) Reduced vaginal lubrication and decreased sensation can lead to painful intercourse which ultimately can lead to a reduced sex drive. (3)

Ways to Help

Do you and your partner allow time for foreplay? Do you touch each other, caress each other, and kiss each other? Foreplay can help set the mood and make sex more enjoyable. There are vaginal lubricants available to help with the dryness. There are oral medications for men such as Viagra. Other things to consider: are you taking medications like Prozac, Pacil or Zoloft for depression? These medications may affect your libido. (3)

Remember the most important thing to help with your sex drive is taking care of your diabetes. Are you checking your glucose? Are you taking your medication? Do you know what your A1c is? Have you accepted your diabetes diagnosis? You deserve to enjoy yourself and you deserve to have a healthy and happy sex life!