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Can Eating More Whole Grains and Increasing Dietary Fiber Help Patients with Diabetes?

Friday,April 18, 2023
Dawn M. Sweet, Ph.D.

  — Dawn M. Sweet, Ph.D. Whole grains and fiber can reduce Type 2 diabetes risk. Whole grain foods are […]

The Nutritional Value of Meal Replacements

Friday,April 11, 2023
Dawn M. Sweet, Ph.D.

  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends meal replacements as “part of a comprehensive weight management program.”   The […]

Fad Diets: Weight Loss at What Cost?

Friday,April 4, 2023
Dawn M. Sweet, Ph.D.

Fad diets are rarely sustained and can lead to adverse side effects.   With the hope of drastic, body-changing weight […]

High Protein Diets are Integral to Weight Loss Success

Friday,March 28, 2023
Dawn M. Sweet, Ph.D.

Diets higher in protein improve energy, enhance weight loss, and decrease fat mass while simultaneously preserving lean muscle mass.   […]

How does Carbohydrate Restriction affect Blood Sugar Levels?

Friday,March 21, 2023

Restricting carbohydrates can help patients with diabetes manage glycemic control. As a chronic and progressive disease that can lead to […]

What are the Effects of Gestational Weight Gain for Women with Obesity?

Friday,March 14, 2023

Managing gestational weight gain in women with can improve pregnancy outcomes. Among women of reproductive age, it is estimated that […]