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How does Carbohydrate Restriction affect Blood Sugar Levels?

Thursday,March 21, 2023

Restricting carbohydrates can help patients with diabetes manage glycemic control. As a chronic and progressive disease that can lead to […]

What are the Effects of Gestational Weight Gain for Women with Obesity?

Thursday,March 14, 2023

Managing gestational weight gain in women with can improve pregnancy outcomes. Among women of reproductive age, it is estimated that […]

What is the Impact of a Western Diet?

Thursday,March 7, 2023

Western diets are inextricably linked to obesity, which continues to rise and is expected to affect a staggering 50 percent […]

What is the Role of Diet in Mitigating a Complication of Diabetes that Affects the Eyes?

Thursday,February 27, 2023

— Dawn M. Sweet, Ph.D. Diet may be a contributing factor to reducing the risk of developing diabetic retinopathy.  Diabetic […]

What’s the Latest in Diabetes Research?

Thursday,February 7, 2023

Roughly 90% of people who have obesity or are overweight have type 2 diabetes. One in three adults have diabetes […]

The “D” Word

Thursday,February 1, 2023

The “D” Word There are words that make our hair stand on end when we hear them, and among the […]