Cardiovascular issues such as stroke and heart attacks are often linked to type 2 diabetes. However a recent study showed that treatment of lower blood pressure decreases the chances of heart ailments.

In a study published in JAMA recentlythe risk of heart events and mortality decreases every 10-mm Hg that you lower a patient’s systolic blood pressure. This study could hold even more significance if it’s a precursor to increased blood pressure treatment through medication. The authors believe studies like this lend to increasingly more evidence to the benefits such medications can provide, even with these medications and treatment considered questionable in the health realm.

With the increasing number of people diagnosed with diabetes, by 2030 it’s estimated that 400 million people throughout the world will have type 2 diabetes; it makes sense to combat the possible comorbidities that can be associated with it. Nonethless, it will take further studies and analysis to decide if medicated blood pressure treatment is an answer to cardiovascular events that have a heightened risk of occurring in people with type 2.

Source: The Jama Network Journals