Change is difficult. Not changing is fatal.

Are you willing to try something new? Are you willing to fail in the process?

Diabetes is no different from any other aspect of life when it comes to trying and failing. (In fact, I had a high school teacher who said that trying is failing and we just have to do it.) So reword the first question–are you willing to try something new?–and in place of it ask are you willing to change?

When I was a nurse at diabetes camp, many parents gave me a hard time about the lancets or other equipment we had at camp. They said their child was used to only one way of doing things. It turns out that kids are adaptable and can use all sorts of different equipment–and have fun!

Every day we have an opportunity to start over, do something different, change the way we look at or respond to things, and find new successes. If something isn’t working–find a way to change it. My friend, Todd, calls this reinvention. He says that to invent is to be alive.

What are we waiting for? What is one thing we can change today that will help us truly live?