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Low-Carb Diet Improves Glucose Control in Small Study

Tuesday,June 8, 2012

People tend to take smaller bites of strong smelling food, according to a recent Wageningen University and Research Centre study. […]

Opting for Plain Water Might Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Tuesday,June 8, 2012

Understanding how many calories are in foods, how calories from different sources affect the body, and how many to eat […]

Red Wine, Fruit Compound Could Help Block Fat Cell Formation

Tuesday,May 11, 2012

People who drink diet soda, but otherwise eat a healthy diet, have less risk of developing metabolic syndrome than diet-soda […]

Alcohol Consumption Tied to Risk of Diabetes

Tuesday,May 11, 2012

Alcohol consumption and binge drinking may increase the risk of developing diabetes, while moderate alcohol intake may reduce the risk […]

Why Shift Work and Sleeplessness Lead to Weight Gain and Diabetes

Tuesday,May 11, 2012

People with type 2 diabetes who follow a high fat, low carbohydrate diet to lose weight may be doing more […]

Liquorice Root Found to Contain Anti-T2 Diabetes Substance

Tuesday,May 11, 2012

People with diabetes who get treatment for gum disease may have lower medical costs and hospitalizations, according to University of […]