use bolus or basal insulin By: Anonymous

I am starting to use a new insulin pump. I am going to a family reunion and I am not interested in using bolus insulin for everything I put in my mouth. Is there another solution?

Samuel Grossman, BS Pharm, Pharm.D, CDE Answered 8/25/2015

The insulin pump allows for flexibility with regard to when and how to dose bolus insulin. However, if you are at a function where you simply cannot tell how many carbohydrates you may consume, especially when there are many finger foods, there may be other options. One option is to increase the basal rate of your insulin pump (for example, by 20%) for the specific time that you are at that party or function (let's say 2 hours). After the event, the basal rate will return back to pre-event dose. Another option is to anticipate the main course and to bolus for that meal and not for appetizers before the meal. This approach may require frequent fingersticks to make sure that you are within the recommended range that your provider recommended. I would recommend consulting with your provider and discuss what method may be most appropriate for your situation.