sliding scale insulin change for winter months By: Anonymous

I realized that I use more insulin during the course of this winter in my sliding scale. Is there a reason for this change?

Samuel Grossman, BS Pharm, Pharm.D, CDE Answered 2/25/2015

When you use more than the expected or recommended dose of insulin based on a sliding scale, you have to evaluate the fingersticks. These fingerstick values are higher usually due to an increase in carbohydrate consumption, and/or decrease in exercise. In the winter months, it is easier to stay indoors where entertainment involves watching TV or maybe sitting at the dinner table. In both cases, the potential of consuming more carbohydrates increases. I would recommend for you to find an exercise that you can do indoors and find a way to monitor consumption of carbohydrates, like keeping a food log. By doing these two things, you can help reduce your wintertime insulin dosage.