Low sugar in the morning By: Anonymous

Every morning in the past 2 weeks I wake up with low sugar. I did not change the dose of my night time insulin. I feel very dizzy and weak. what do you advise me to do?

Samuel Grossman, BS Pharm, Pharm.D, CDE Answered 3/25/2015

Waking up with a low reading of blood sugar can have different causes. Sometimes it's caused when you eat less carbohydrates at dinner or your snack has less carbohydrates than usual. It can also be caused if you exercise after meals. For example, a walk in the park or even going across the street can put you at risk for low blood sugars. My recommendation is to keep a record of your blood sugar at bedtime and before breakfast. I would recommend for you to have a snack before bedtime to prevent low blood sugar before breakfast. I would also recommend to consult with your provider after presenting the fingerstick logbook. Your provider may need to change your dose of bedtime insulin or other medications to prevent low blood sugar levels if the fingerstick readings are low.