Is insulin pump better than insulin injection By: Anonymous

I am interested in getting off injecting 4 times a day. Is the insulin pump better?

Samuel Grossman, BS Pharm, Pharm.D, CDE Answered 5/6/2015

An insulin pump is a different insulin delivery system from insulin injection. Although, it appears appealing there are advantages and disadvantages. An insulin pump requires more monitoring in the form of fingersticks. Although you do not inject during the day, you do have to give yourself a bolus dose of insulin before you eat each time. In addition, you have to fill the reservoir of the pump with insulin periodically and monitor for air in the tubing (for pumps with tubing). If you forget to monitor, you can get either high blood glucose or low blood glucose very quickly. The benefit is that the insulin pump provides flexibility. You can remotely program your pump to give you insulin when needed and the device is hidden under your clothes. There are different insulin pumps on the market that may fit the needs of different people. I recommend that you discuss the insulin pump further with your provider and maybe find an insulin pump that is right for you.